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Pox: smallpox vs monkeypox.: comment

Dear Editor, we would like to share ideas on the publication “A narrative review of pox: smallpox vs monkeypox [1].” Since May 2022, there have been outbreaks of human monkeypox in a number of nations, according to Jayswal and Kakadiya [1]. The uncommon nature of these outbreaks, which are defined by their high case numbers and lack of linkages to endemic nations [1], is highlighted by a potential shift in the monkeypox transmission pattern that might represent a bigger global hazard. We both agree that the outbreak of monkeypox is a serious global public health issue that has to be addressed right away. Ricc further noted that it is unfair, discriminatory, and scientifically wrong to refer to the current outbreak as a “gay” sickness [1]. If the unusual presentation is the primary clinical issue, the disease might not be detected [2]. There could be more sickness symptoms. Due to asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic patients without a fever and concealed skin lesions, a diagnosis may occasionally be challenging [2]. And ultimately, laboratory tests are the cornerstone of monkeypox diagnosis. It should be noted that the laboratory’s quality control continues to be an issue [3]. It is also a crucial issue for improving monkeypox laboratory diagnosis. In situations when there is a strong suspicion of monkeypox, it is essential to repeat the test due to the possibility of erroneous laboratory results.


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