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Pleural effusion resembling a lung tumor: phantom tumor of the lung


78-years- old female known case of Congestive Heart failure, with ejection fraction of 55% on recent echocardiograph, presented with complains of Shortness of breath, Cough and sputum without fever. She had stopped taking medications recently and examination showed patient in fluid overload. Conventional posteroanterior Chest radiograph revealed a mass like opacity in lower zone of the right lung while Lateral view radiograph showed cigar shaped opacity due to pleural effusion in oblique fissure of the right lung. Patient was given diuretics on the basis of clinical and radiographic findings and the rounded opacity disappeared on repeat radiograph. Thus the diagnosis of Phantom tumor of lung was made. It is therefore suggested to get a lateral chest radiograph and give a trial of diuretics in such cases before going for other investigations or surgical procedures.


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